Laws of War

The Cup Of Odanir
November 6, 2010

After meeting with Prince Stavros, Field Marshal Leonidas, and Knight-Commander Ramirez, the party agreed to venture to Starhold and retrieve the Cup of Odanir, an artifact rumored to have the ability to heal any disease. Prince Stavros promised to repay the party with a royal favor if they could accomplish the task for him.

In addition, the group took on a commission from the Arcane Order, to map the subterranean tunnels leading beneath the Devil’s Teeth mountain range. An accurate map would likely increase exploration opportunities to the western half of Aquila.

During their journey, the party encountered a group of rather persistent skeletal warriors outside of Starhold, finally managing to put them down with fire. The tower itself proved confusing and dangerous, with mysteries both mechanical and magical that seemed to play with the very fabric of reality. However, the party was able to navigate through the tower’s challenges and retrieve the Cup.

Notes from the Florentine Party

Marcus is at the Florentine embassy party and has learned from his acquaintance, Colonel Hazard, that Borean Prince Stavros is massing an army along the southern border.

Torn won a drinking contest to learn that Illyrion are mostly bankrupt but are being given generous credit lines by the Free Colonies.

Liandrin won a drinking contest to earn an audience with the archmage from Abhail, learning that their delegation has stashed something important in their suite.

The lesson here is that drinking makes everything better.

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