For most of its history, Abhaile was considered to be “uncharted frontier” by most other cultures, until an expedition discovered an entire nation sequestered from its neighbors by a combination of dense, almost impassable forest and arcane wards that kept the land safe and secret. Over decades of negotiation and trade, Abhaile lowered its magical wards and joined the other nations on the stage of history.

Bearing a long and passionate arcane tradition, the wizards of Abhaile are considered to be among the most skillful in the world. The ruling classes also have many ties to the Feywild, as evidenced by the large populations of eladrin and gnomes in Abhaile’s cities. While it is rare to find strong presences of divine magic practiced in Abhaile, they are not unheard of – worship of Corellon, Ioun, Melora, and Kord are a part of everyday life. As well, Abhaile’s massive forests hold great power for their denizens who follow a more primal path.

During the Demon War, Abhaile was the first nation to commit its entire might to total war. As such, they suffered more casualties and contributed more to the war effort than any other nation. Consequently, in this post-war era, Abhaile has been aggressively pursuing reparations from the other nations to compensate for their losses in the fight for the greater good. This has led to strained diplomatic terms, and murmurs of raising the arcane wards once more.

Abhaile’s eastern coastline is dotted with numerous ports and small logging and fishing towns. The forests themselves contain various settlements, eschewing the stone-and-brick construction of the other nations in favor of maximizing their own resources through elaborate wood-construction citadels, log towers raising as high as the massive trees surrounding them. The population is predominantly a mixture of human and elf, with a high population of half-elves that naturally springs up in such an environment. Eladrin and gnome immigrants from the Feywild also call Abhaile home, and nomadic tribes of shifters and wilden traverse the forests. Abhaile is also home to many monstrous races, especially concentrated along their southern border with Illyrion. Goblinoids, ogres, and giants have claimed large sections of the border forests, while marauding gnolls are a threat to travellers – something the decimated armies of Abhaile are constantly struggling to control.


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