Aquila is an island in the Central Sea, geographically closest to Borean (only thirty miles across the hazardous Wilhelm Strait) but after the Demon War, it has been retaken as a politically-neutral territory shared by the five nations.

The island is approximately one hundred and thirty miles long as measured from west to east, and just shy of thirty miles across at its widest point from north to south. The only permanent “civilized” settlement at this time is the outpost of Pax Urbis, the “City of Peace”.

Most of the island remains uncharted, save for the ominous presence of Starhold, a tower near the center of the island, tall enough to be visible from nearly any point from shore to shore. The tower is cracked and in some places fallen, yet the highest points remain standing, seemingly unsupported in places. Rumors claim it to be a site of fell magics, and the deadlands surrounding Starhold would seem to support that theory.

The only true safe harbor on Aquila is in Hammer Bay, although most shipping routes choose to skirt the island via long routes that keep them out of the treacherous Wilhelm Strait. Ships coming in from the south must navigate a narrow passage dubbed the “Devil’s Gullet” to avoid potential shipwrecks in the Wilhelm Strait.

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