The largest of the major nations, Borean is still considered to have the strongest military force in the post-War landscape. However, the terrible costs of the Demon War and continual border skirmishes with Fiorenzia stretch Borean’s might to the limit constantly, leaving large areas of the country’s northern steppes virtually lawless.

Borean is ruled by King Maximillian, a human male in his sixties. Boisterous and confrontational, Maximillian is much-beloved by his people for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the tales of his personal bravery in the Demon War, often seizing command of a military company and leading them into battle himself. Yet the strains of long war and the weight of the crown are taking their toll on the raucous King, and oracles predict his days on the throne are numbered.

His two heirs are the Crown Prince Alexander, and his brother Stavros. Of the two, Alexander seems the most different from his father, a gentle soul whose love for his nation is only matched by his passion for arcane study. Rumors circulate that as King, Alexander would resurrect the centuries-old line of Wizard-Kings that founded the Borean state. Stavros, in contrast, has made a name for himself with many successes in the military arena. Kept out of direct combat in the Demon War by royal decree, Stavros has commanded the majority of Borean’s border forces along the southern frontier for five years, and has earned the respect of almost all his country’s veterans for his service. Some say that he would be a more honorable King than his brother, but Stavros quashes these murmurs, insisting upon the importance of traditional succession.

Adventurers who claim Borean as their home tend to fall into one of three categories: current or former soldiers under the King, lesser nobles with no hope of advancement in the count, or refugees whose homes and families were lost in the Demon War. With the nation’s military spread thin between missions of humanitarian and and mercy to its people as well as border protection, the King, through his court, commonly issues “the King’s permission” to Borean citizens looking to license themselves as freelance adventurers. As such, they are expected to act in the interests of their nation and answer the call to action should their liege give it, and also to obey the laws of Borean and its territories. Adventurers in Borean often cultivate a friendly relationship with local authorities, allowing for some leeway with local laws.

All races can be found in Borean, with the cities being predominantly human, elven, and dwarven, with significant minorities of half-orcs, halflings, and tieflings. Outside of the cities, the populace is mostly the same, with isolated villages of goliaths and dwarves in the high steppes.


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