Illyrion is geographically the largest of the four major nations, and before the Demon War was the most economically and socially powerful force in the region. National tradition claims that Illyrion arose from the remnants of the Empire of Arkhosia, the great dragonborn nation. Even millennia later, dragonborn hold a special place in Illyrian society, many still holding to the pretense of noble traditions despite their social class. The truth of this claim is unsubstantiated, although many ruins in the Illyrian wilds are claimed to be Arkhosian in nature.

During the Demon War, Illyrion had to deal not only with the demon incursion, but continued threats from the north, along their border with Abhaile. Even in the forced alliances of the War, the rivalry between the two nations led to backstabbing and betrayals, issues which have plagued the two countries ever since Abhaile’s emergence from behind their arcane veils. To this day, it is incredibly rare to find citizens of the two countries able to agree on anything despite the peace.

Illyrion has traditionally been ruled by a parliamentary body referred to as the Council of Lords, hereditary positions passed down not necessarily through bloodline but often from master to pupil in the case of scholars, or from merchant to apprentice for the merchant guilds. The Council now finds themselves in a state of severe disadvantage, after one of the most significant battles of the Demon War left hundreds of square miles of their nation decimated in an arcane conflagration, leaving only ruins and ashes spreading from horizon to horizon in what is now called the Desert of Ash.

One unique aspect of Illyrian heritage is the emergence of dragonmarks; a feature that traditionalists use to claim their ties to ancestral Arkhosia. These features are unique to Illyrian-born individuals, as no dragonmarked individual has ever been confirmed to have been born elsewhere. Dragonmarks appear irrespective of race or bloodline, yet still rarely in a generation.

Illyrian racial divides are almost nonexistent – anywhere you go, the bonds of nationalism transcend those of race. The largest group comprising Illyrian citizenry is still human, although they comprise less than a third of the overall population, with dragonborn, dwarves, tieflings, and half-orcs making up a good portion of Illyrion’s numbers. Illyrion was also the first nation to fully extend citizenship to races such as the warforged, as well as those goliaths and minotaurs from the northern forests who have chosen to live in harmony with others.


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