Archcleric Fazoul Dinen


Fazoul Dinen is the current head of state of Fiorenzia and Archcleric of the Sky Church. As a devoted apostle of Pelor, he served in command of a hospitaler unit during the Demon War before taking a battle wound that took him off the immediate battlefield. Fazoul was not finished with his crusade, however, forming a small regiment of demon-hunters that scoured the cities and towns of Fiorenzia, casting out the demons and devils they unveiled back to the Abyss and the Nine Hells.

Archcleric Dinen is a populist leader, beloved by the people of his country for his fervor and nationalism. He holds his position due to the support of the noble houses, but rumors abound that he may have machinations of his own concerning the state of politics both secular and sacred in the land of the Florentines…

Appearances: None to date

Archcleric Fazoul Dinen

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