A geographically disparate nation stretched along hundreds of leagues of coastline, Fiorenzia shares an extensive and constantly disputed northern border with Borean. Much of the terrain is arable farmland along the foothills and steppes along the border, but Fiorenzia’s greatest source of pride are its amazingly-constructed cities.

Keeps of white stone reach high above and across meticulously engineered streets and canals in the capital of Castelvecchio, while the eastern cities of Solarino and Talamasca sport lavishly-tiled towers and elaborate public gardens. No Florentine city is considered truly civilized without their temples, however. Fiorenzia is a nation born out of a complex political interaction between the divine and the noble, the houses of the Grand Dukes and the various religious orders that guide the lives of the people.

It is the nobility who enact the laws and treaties of Fiorenzia in a loose parliamentary structure, but the true power comes from the churches, with a new Hierophant elected by the nobility every seven years. The current Heirophant is Archcleric Fazoul Dinen, of the Church of Pelor, who is much loved by his people as he nears the end of his term. Intrigues abound between the nobles and the clergy, and the power structure is constantly in flux.

The people of Fiorenzia, known colloquially as Florentines, bear a strong sense of national pride, as Fiorenzia boasts more great artists, bards, and athletes than any other nation. Noble patronage and a tradition of wealth keep the arts as a main focus of the nation, especially in the post-war era. Since the end of the Demon War, Fiorenzia has dissolved its standing army, although the Royal Navy still operates, mostly as a transport service. Private armies of the Grand Dukes are currently in vogue, and a number of adventurers accept long-term or temporary contracts from the ducal houses or the Churches.

The racial makeup of Fiorenzia is predominantly human, with enclaves of tieflings, gnomes, and halflings along the coastal regions. The northern coast is almost a true “melting pot” of cultures, however, with the port city of Avezanno being a major shipping stop and destination for refugees, immigrants, and travellers.


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